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Atlas Scientific ORP Kit

Atlas Scientific ORP Kit

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Atlas Scientific ORP Kit


• 1 EZO™ ORP Circuit
• 1 Platinum rod ORP Probe
• 1 125ml (4oz) ORP calibration solution
• 1 125ml (4oz) ORP storage solution
• 1 Pre-Assembled Female BNC connector
• 1 Basic EZO™ Inline Voltage Isolator (optional)
Probe Max Pressure: 690 kPa (100PSI)
Probe Max Depth 60 M (197 ft)
Probe Weight: 44 grams

Female BNC Spec
Thread Size 1/4" - 36 UNS Thread type

This ORP Probe can be fully submerged in fresh water or salt water, up to the BNC connector indefinitely.

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