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5x10 Flexible Coupler

5x10 Flexible Coupler

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5x10 Flexible Coupler

This Flexible Coupler can connect your driving shaft with the driven shaft while it is very efficient in eliminating any misalignment to the possible extent.

It comes with the spiral cut in the middle along its length which makes it flexible so they can be fit to two shafts even if they are not perfectly co-linear and will help reduce binding effects.


  • OD (Outer Diameter) : 18mm
  • L (Length) : 25mm
  • L2 (Screw Offset) : 4mm
  • ID1 Shaft Diameter 1 : 5mm
  • ID2 Shaft Diameter 2 : 10mm
  • M (Grub Screw Size) : M4x4

Package List:

  • 1 x 5x10 Flexible Coupler
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